Paixão | Gentle Shower Gel

Our Paixão Purifying Shower Gel is refreshingly cleansing and deeply moisturizing. Aloe Vera contains healing, calming properties while Hyaluronic Acid promotes vitality and a youthful radiance. Subtle Passionfruit fragrance awakens the senses and inspires a sense of balance and calm.

Paixão | Hand & Body Moisturizer

Our Paixão Hand And Body Moisturizer helps your skin look and feel its best! Key ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, passionfruit extract, and peach extract deposit enticing but subtle fragrances while promoting a youthful, healthy glow. This gentle but effective recipe is excellent for all skin types and brimming with beauty-boosting botanical goodness.

Paixão | Lush & Lovely Body Butter

Lush And Lovely Paixão Body Butter transforms dull and dry skin with all-natural ingredients like shea butter, cacao butter, and peach extract. Powerful Hyaluronic Acid helps promote luminous youthfulness. Apply this skin-soothing formula after a bath or shower to leave your body feeling heavenly-soft and satiny-smooth, with no greasy residue.

Paixão | Body Smoothing Salt Scrub

Our Body Smoothing Paixão Salt Scrub is an excellent choice for those with cellulite, stretch marks, or desperately dull skin. Intensely nourishing key ingredients include jojoba seed oil, Vitamin E, and Hyaluronic Acid. Peach fruit extract lends a divine fragrance. Sea salt gently exfoliates to promote a revitalized, luminous texture.

Fragrance Body Mist Island Kiss

Turn your everyday into a tropical getaway with sumptuous Blackberry Freesia, delicate Lily, and earthy Suede. A truly exotic elixir, Island Kiss is bold yet sweet, harnessing both potency and feminine subtlety for a perfectly harmonized blend that’s fun and flirty.

A fragrance should tell a story- leave a lasting impression that defines your individuality everywhere you go.  DeSoap has hand crafted an exotic mist collection that will enhance your daily glow, and honor your true inner goddess.  Using the purest of essential oils, this luxury mist will safely become your favorite fragrances that are simply… you.

Exotic Bath Bomb Seduce

Recreate the magic of a dreamy day in your tub. They add vibrant colors and color the bathwater, too! They soothe stressed bodies and minds, leaving you feeling warm, fuzzy and ready for a refreshing day/night.

Fall Gift Set

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