Our Nohea Revitalizing Shower Gel infused with invigorating fruit essences of apple, grape, and coconut sends your skin to paradise! Gentle but powerful Hyaluronic Acid targets premature aging while aloe, ginger, and shea butter help sooth and deeply moisturize. This formula leaves skin clean and refreshed without stripping natural oils, encouraging a healthy PH balance.

Key Benefits

✓ Cleanses Without Stripping Natural Oils
✓ Soothing botanical extracts
✓ Contains Hyaluronic Acid
✓ No harsh chemicals
✓ Cruelty-Free
✓ All Natural
✓ Vegan


Our head-to-toe body gels are vegan, all-natural, and infused with the powerhouse anti-aging ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. As your body’s largest organ, we believe your skin deserves only the best in botanical, high-quality ingredients. Our sumptuous Nohea Revitalizing Shower Gel is inspired by the vibrant, revitalizing fragrances and all-natural essences of Hawaii. Nohea means “to leave a lasting impression,” and this rich, silky gel leaves your skin clean and smooth all day long! Perfectly paired with our rich, luscious body Moisturizers, these shower gels leave you relaxed, supple, and smooth. Our formulas are bursting with fresh fragrances to calm, sooth and nurture you. Because we use only the best ingredients nature has to offer, our products are gentle enough for all skin types. Our shower gels are proudly cruelty-free.


Lather generously onto damp skin. Massage to achieve a luxurious foam. Rinse thoroughly. Finish with Nohea Body Moisturizer.

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Nohea | Gentle Shower Gel

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