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Independence Day Weekend Beauty & Gift Guide

Independence Day Weekend Beauty & Gift Guide

Independence Day is right around the corner, and with it, all the “fun in the sun” that comes with Summer. And it's an Independence Day unlike any other—with many people engaging socially for the first time in over a year. 

As you prepare to celebrate and reconnect, we’re sharing some fabulous ways to treat yourself (and your loved ones) to improved health and wellness. From skincare to self-care, we've got it all covered. So let's dive into some of the hottest trends in hand sanitizers, salt scrubs, luxurious candles, and more.

Salt Scrubs for a Smooth Body

Getting out and about in shorts and a tank top for the first time in ages can be a little daunting. As such, smoothing your body and pampering your skin should be at the top of your beauty routine.

Don't let the name scare you—a salt scrub isn't harsh or damaging. The entire salt scrub experience should be soothing and relaxing. A salt scrub is a nourishing concoction that gently exfoliates your entire body, enhancing your daily bath or shower routine. It sloughs off dry, rough skin to reveal a softer, more luminous glow underneath.

Salt scrubs have the following benefits:

  • Effective yet gentle exfoliation
  • Intensely nourishing
  • Improves cellulite and stretch marks
  • Makes your body all-over smooth and supple

Check out the Body Smoothing Paixao Scrub with jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E for a refreshed, rejuvenated glow from head to toe.

Hand Sanitizers that Smell Like Heaven

Even when Covid is in our rear-view, staying germ-free will still be in style. With the spike in demand for hand sanitizers and the ensuing difficulty in finding them, many new options appeared on the market. Gone are the days of having one or two strong-smelling hand sanitizers staring back at you from the shelf. These days, you can pick a different fragrance and style for kitchen, bathroom, car, and purse.


Why not keep cleanliness fun by trying out some delicious-smelling, skin-soothing sanitizer options? Fragrances shouldn't be overpowering—just fresh, clean, natural scents that help you feel ready to take on the world. These days, hand sanitizers don't just kill germs. Innovations in skin-friendly formulas mean they moisturize and soothe your hands as well.

Hand sanitizers:

  • Keep hands bacteria-free
  • Soothe irritation
  • Keep your hands from drying out
  • Come in a wide variety of scents and packages
  • Are easily portable
  • Are safe for sensitive skin
  • Kill microorganisms
  • Can be shared

Check out this great collection of all-natural, divinely scented hand sanitizers. You can read more about the benefits of hand sanitizers vs. soap and water here.

Hyaluronic Acid for the Summer Months

If you’re at all interested in skincare, you’re probably familiar with hyaluronic acid (more commonly referred to as HA.) But just in case you need a refresher, let’s review some of HA’s wide-ranging benefits for skin:

  • Promotes more supple skin
  • Creates a plumping effect
  • Deposits intense hydration and holds in moisture
  • Can increase skin cell production
  • Smooths skin texture
  • Enhances the lipid barrier
  • Tightens your skin
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles 

Dry conditions, humid conditions, and hot weather can all wreak havoc on your skin. Independence Day weekend is the perfect time to get started on your new HA Summer skincare routine. Click here to explore a complete collection of nourishing HA skincare, including more on its benefits and uses.

Enjoy Independence Day At Home

Independence Day doesn't have to be all barbecues and festivals. Some people prefer to have a quiet, relaxing weekend at home. In that case, why not enhance your at-home mini-vacation with some exotic candles? With any luck, their delightful fragrances will make you feel transported to another world without ever stepping foot out the door.

It's easy to love scented candles. They cast a beautiful glow, emit a lovely fragrance, and inspire calm harmony. But did you know that lighting candles around the house is actually good for you? Believe it or not, burning pleasant-smelling candles has been scientifically proven to impact mental health, mood, and working capacity positively.

Depending on the scent you choose, candles can:

Boost mood by treating yourself to something special

  • Stimulate your limbic system—the home of your emotions and memory
  • Promote feelings of joy and ease: jasmine and ylang-ylang
  • Wake up your mind and enhance focus: peppermint and spearmint
  • Lift your spirits and boost your energy: citrus scents, orange blossom

Calm anxiety: rosemary, lemon, chamomile, geranium.


However, you decide to spend your Independence Day Weekend, skincare and self-care are always a good bet. Whether at home or traveling to the desert, remember to take time to smell the roses—or the geranium-scented candle—and don’t hesitate to indulge a little.



Lastly, whatever you do, we’re willing to bet it involves food! If you’re looking for something to cook up this Independence Day weekend, check out these recipes to serve up all Summer long.

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