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With De Soap Boutique you can trust that your order will be quickly processed and safely delivered each and every time. Once you place an order, we will estimate delivery dates between 3 - 7 business days based upon the availability of your item(s), and your shipment’s destination. Shipping can take anywhere between 2 - 7 days depending on shipping carrier, availability of item and destination. See the list below for general shipping estimates. United States estimated delivery time is 1 - 7 days Canada estimated delivery time 3 - 14 days

Tracking my order

When you’re dealing with Canada International shipping tracking numbers are not always available immediately after shipping so please allow for about 2 - 4 days.  At that time an automated email is sent to you (As of Nov 26, 2020, our automated system is experiencing errors, If you have not received an automated email within 4 days of your order, please email customer service at and we will send your tracking number to you manually).

I ordered 2 things but only received 1! Where the heck is the other item?

We deal with multiple carriers to provide our customers with the absolute best price possible. It is totally normal to have your packages arrive to you at various times. Don’t worry the other packages are in route and will be arriving shortly.

Why is my order stuck in transit?

Sometimes USPS and FedEx do not scan the packages until they arrive, don't worry, we stand with you until you get your package.

I listed the wrong shipping address by mistake!

Unfortunately, this is something beyond our control as we use an automated system that copy and pastes exactly what you list as your shipping address. With that, we can’t accept any responsibility for customers listing incorrect information. In this situation we would advise you to contact your post office as soon as possible for guidance.

Orders that have been “returned to sender”

All customers are responsible for providing an accurate shipping address and monitoring their order(s) while in transit as important updates are often added to the tracking information, i.e., “Delivery failed package is waiting at the local post office for the next XX days before it’s returned to the sender.”

De Soap Boutique is not responsible for unsuccessful deliveries to incorrect shipping address provided by the customer on the order page. De Soap Boutique is not responsible when customers fail to accept orders or fail to retrieve orders from the post office that are listed as “Unclaimed”. With that, no refunds, credits or replacements will be issued in these situations.

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