Who We Are

Welcome to De Soap Boutique where we carry over 70 pre-blended luxury formulas for an affordable price! Truly your one-stop-shop for mindful shoppers looking for clean and ALL NATURAL skincare, body lotions, scrubs, shower gels, body mists and exotic luxury candles.

Upon special request, we also are able to customize your order catering to your valuable customers every need and want.

We incorporate only the BEST natural and organic ingredients like Vitamin C, Açaí extract, coconut oil, green tea and hyaluronic acid. With skin-soothing essential oils such as, lavender and grapefruit, not only will your skin feel nourished and pampered, but you won't believe the results of a healthier and more glowing look and feel. Our products cater to any skin type and condition.

Enjoy our array of ORGANIC, VEGAN and of course CRUELTY FREE raw products that will leave you with a delicious lasting smell to energize you throughout the day. De Soap products are known for the highest quality of ingredients and our heavenly essential oil scents that get people hooked coming back wanting more!

Our Story

De Soap Boutique celebrates its 30th anniversary in the research and development sector of health and beauty products. We have graduated from manufacturing for other brands and decided to combine our expertise and industry experience when creating our very own holistic formulas for our specialty skincare line.

Our approach is always with integrity, and expanding our horizons by using state-of-the-art technology with our very own scientific research to assure our consumers needs are met in the healthiest, most purest form. With our very own labs, our scientists and research includes analytical, organic, and polymer chemistry. Our fields of expertise include microbiology & toxicology, biochemistry & material science, behavioral science, and chemical engineering.

Our must have products will leave skin radiant while our addicting one-of-a-kind aromas like sweet citrus, or tropical infusion heightens the senses and pleasantly lingers all day long.

Our Mission

To deliver skincare excellence in the healthiest most natural form catering to consumers that care about quality, cruelty-free and all natural solutions to help restore and nourish the skin.