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Part rose garden, part deep-woods forest, this candle creates a beautifully natural ambiance with familiar, comforting fragrances. Sandalwood and rose are supported by gentle hints of gourmand amber and sweet geranium.

Luxe Candle Base Notes

  • Sunny & Sweet Bergamot
  • Sweet & Herbal Geranium
  • Oriental-Woody Agarwood

How To Use

Burn candle until wax melts and pools at edge. Lid can be used to safely extinguish flame. For best results, trim candle wick between each use. Do not burn in excess of 4 hours at a time. Keep out of reach of children or pets. Do not leave lit candle unattended.

About Our Candles

  • All-natural soy wax
  • 65 hours burn time
  • 8.5 ounces
  • Gorgeous limited edition gold and white label
  • Perfect addition to self-care routine


In a fast-paced world, relaxation and rejuvenation are essential. Few things are as soothing as the soft glow of candlelight paired with a familiar, comforting fragrance.

Our slow-burning, all-natural soy candles are beautifully packaged to lend both style and illumination to your home. Our scent profiles were carefully formulated to promote optimal calm and maximum delight.

Customer Reviews

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LUXE - Sandalwood Rose | Oud Rose & Intense

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