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Key Benefits

Body Oil Secret Wish

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Body oils are a great alternative to lotions because they tend to have superior and longer lasting benefits gained from pure essential oils and the nourishing qualities of Ayurvedic herbs.

These rich, luxurious, and aromatic oils support an excellent complexion and overall happy state of mind.

Regular application of this massage oil improves blood flow which keeps the body healthy and energized.

Made for both men and women to improve the skin's texture, making it softer, smoother, healthier, and more radiant!

Key Benefits

✓ Soothing irritated skin

✓ Easing environment stress

✓ For all ages and stages of womanhood (and manhood)


Use it twice daily all over your body, minus your sweet face. For extra hydration, use with our Body Butter. Use before a bath in the summer and after a bath in the winter.

Pregnancy Tip:  The more your skin is hydrated, the less it is prone to stretch marks.

Key Benefits